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Debi ~ Assistant Manager

After 30 years in the nursing profession and raising a family, Lisa joined our team in 2013.  Lisa has completed Pet first aid.  The dogs adore Lisa and her love for them shows in everything she does.  Her favorite thing about working at The Dog Paws Inn is getting to know each of their personalities. 

In addition to her assistance here at The Dog Paws Inn, she volunteers at a local animal shelter, walking the dogs and working on a transport team receiving dogs from the South.   She also volunteers at meals on wheels.

She has an Australian Shepherd named Niko, a lab mix rescue from Tennessee named Millie, and a cat named Pierre that she rescued from a ditch.  

After many years in the customer service industry, Maggie decided to leave the office behind and jump in the dog yard.  With 3 dogs at home she enjoys being around dogs both in and out of work.  

Maggie has completed Pet First Aid.  

In 2002, Catherine left a professional career to pursue her true vocation, working with dogs. In June of 2003, Catherine founded The Dog Paws Inn. 

Catherine completed dog first aid and takes a refresher course regularly to keep herself up to date.  She also enjoys taking training classes with her dog, Gizmo. The pair have taken companion dog, agility, rally, and noseworks classes together and are always looking for a new adventure.

In 2014, Catherine founded and continues to lead a trade organization, Owners of Dog Daycares, LLC.  Its membership comprises over 900 dog daycare owners world-wide. The purpose of the organization is to provide opportunities for its members to learn from each other, support each other and help each other strive toward “best practices” in dog care and in their businesses. She and her leadership team offer an annual conference for the group’s members.

She has been a member of the local dog owners group, Dog Owners of Greater Scarborough, since its inception. She also served as Chair of the Town of Scarborough’s Canine Education and Enforcement Ad Hoc Committee.

Catherine lives onsite at The Dog Paws Inn with her two rescue dogs, Sophie, a “bassador” and Gizmo, a miniature pinscher mix.  She loves working directly with her customers, canine and human, as well as overseeing all other aspects of the business.

Lisa ~ Kennel Assistant

Catherine ~ Manager

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Maggie ~ Dog Handler

After a career in banking and then taking time off after her children were born, Debi decided to return to the workforce and follow her passion ~ DOGS!  In 2006 Debi joined the team at The Dog Paws Inn and quickly moved into the role of assistant manager.  She has been a vital part of The Dog Paws Inn since that time and has helped shape it into what it is today. 

Debi completed dog first aid and takes a refresher course regularly to keep herself up to date.  She also enjoys taking classes related to dog training and hopes to raise service dogs in the future.  She has three “dog savvy” cats, Hobbes, Grace, and Jamie.  

Her favorite thing about working at The Dog Paws Inn is that the dog are excited and “throw a party” every morning just because she shows up ~ No one at the office ever did that!

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