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Now that the governor is starting to open up the state in stages, we hope that we will start to see some of those dogs who have been unable to attend during this time of uncertainty.  Our lobby procedures have changed a bit since all this started.  If you haven't brought your dog you will not have seen our signs.  So you can be prepared, here is how we are now doing things:

1. One drop off or pick up in the lobby at a time.  If there is someone ahead of you, please wave at me through the window so I’ll know you’re here.  Then wait outside, 6 ft from the door and from anyone else waiting, until it is your turn.

2. Please don’t linger in the lobby at drop off or pick up. I really enjoy our chats, but in order to comply with social distancing, please spend as little time in the lobby as possible.  I’m available by phone or text for longer interactions. 

3. I am cleaning commonly touched surfaces after EVERY drop off or pick up.  This includes doorknobs, two-way radio, the lobby counter, cookie jar, and the sanitizer bottle.

4. I have homemade hand sanitizer on the counter.  (2 parts rubbing alcohol, one part aloe gel) Please feel free to use it.  I also have another bottle ready when it runs out, and the ingredients to make more after that.  It is for YOU.

5. I have provided cleaning wipes for you.  You are NOT obligated to clean the lobby, but if it makes you more comfortable, please feel free to wipe off the two-way radio, door knobs, or any other surface you would like.  Or take one for your car if you need it.

6. If you use a pen from the pen container, please leave it on the counter for cleaning.

7. You may continue to bring your dog’s lunch.  Plastic bags will no longer be returned.  Tupperware containers will be set on the counter for you to pick up when you get your dog.  Please only touch your own.  Thanks!

Bonus: feel free to take a complimentary roll of toilet paper from the counter if you find yourself running low and are having a hard time finding more!


We have also changed our lobby hours on weekends.  Our weekday hours will remain the same (7am - 12pm and 2pm - 6pm).  For the time being, weekends we will be available, but by appointment only.  Please call, text or email for an appointment if you need to drop off or pick up on Saturday or Sunday.  Otherwise, the lobby is locked on Saturday and Sunday. 

Thank you for your continued support!